Who We Are

Legacy of Love Founder

LaShan is a Reconnection Life Coach that helps individuals and couples reconnect to living their best life after they have endured a loss. LaShan works with individuals or groups to strategize a solution to any situations that they are going through and helps with planning and accomplishing their goals/dreams.

Before starting Legacy of Love Life Coaching LaShan worked over 20 years in the Information Technology field; however, her heart has always been set on helping people. Therefore, she put her God giving strengths to work and offered her services to those who needed her.

LaShan has always been the person people felt comfortable going to. She realized that as a teenager.

LaShan enjoys dancing and laughing. She believes that life is much more enjoyable if we allow ourselves to laugh out loud and dance like no one is watching.

LaShan is available to serve you regarding your life coaching needs. You can reach her at info@legacyoflovecoaching.com
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