LaShan and I met at work in 2007, she was assigned to be my mentor. Neither of us would know how much of a mentor (coach) she would be to me.

At that time, I was going through a divorce from a 17-year marriage with two young children. As with most divorces, it was a bad time and I felt like a failure. I describe it as being just a shell of a human being going through the motions, without one ounce of hope. I lost all confidence in myself.

I have been able to tell LaShan what I was feeling or thinking without fear of judgment. She did not always agree with me but would give me a different way to think or handle the situation. Even if I didn’t want to hear it, but I would realize she was right.

I give LaShan all the credit for helping me find me again. Today, I am a more confident woman and know I can tackle anything. I cannot imagine life without LaShan in it.


After years of telling myself that I really needed to “get a handle on my life,” I finally made the decision to hire LaShan Gunnels as my life coach.

LaShan helped me come up with concrete steps to identify my goals and take the steps to achieve them. I credit LaShan with many positive changes in my life, but most importantly, I am now a happy, confident person.

I am so grateful to LaShan and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward with positive change in their life.


LaShan will bring positive energy into the way you think and approach life. She will change the way you feel towards any obstacle that may come your way. Call her first or call her last, you will be glad you did.
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